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Who am I?
I am a joyful, frisky cinema-loving young woman who loves creativity. I live in Katrineholm (1,5 hour from Stockholm) with my husband. I think that a bunch of chocolate muffins and common sense solves pretty much everything.

Why do I shoot?
I have always loved to create and were often trying to make people feel something through different stuff like singing, writing or photography. If I was good at drawing I would probably do that but it was the camera that caught me. I love to document nice moments because in a way you are saving memories. When you look back at a picture or a photo album you are probably filled with joy, warmth and memories. It makes me happy that I get to be the creator of some of those pictures.

Which camera is best?
Honestly, it is the one you always bring with you, even though I don’t like the quality of mobile pictures. I always try to have two cameras. On that is really good with great quality (this is the one I shoot weddings with) and one that is pretty good (a camera for everyday pictures) but this one is always going to be in my bag. The latter is and should be a camera that is able to have some scratches and stuff just because it’s used so much. You should not be afraid to use it.

Why book me as a wedding photographer?
If you love classic pictures with a romantic feeling in everyone it is possible that you have to look through my pictures again and see if you really like my style. I like trying to be different. I love to mix classic pictures (where I ask you to just stand and smile) with the pictures that are caught in the right moment. I am trying not be cheesy (but sometimes my days as a school photographer is totally showing especially if you’re with kids). In short – book me if you like the feeling in my pictures.

Five quick questions:
(x) fall/spring or ( ) summer/winter
(x) cat or ( ) dog
( ) nice clothes or (x) comfortable clothes
( ) candy or (x) ice cream
(x) go to the cinema or watching a movie at home



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Photographer Victoria Öhrvall
Based in Stockholm, Sweden.